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Clients in 2015 Rango and Stanley are doing great!:)) very happy! Stanley is 11 years old. You can teach an old dog new tricks!!


Please take the time to read through just a few of our recommendation letters and videos.  Enjoy:

June 16, 2010

Dear “Smart Paws:”

I thank you so much for helping us train the new addition to the family, our rescue dog, Nicki.  As my husband and I got to know him better, we began to understand why he was in a shelter!!  And that's when we decided we either had to tame him or give him up, which we didn't want to do.  And through the Rescue organization where we obtained him, we heard about you. 

I am happy to say in the short amount of time you came to our home, he has learned the commands.  I also know that if we don't continue to follow through on what you taught us, he will become that impossible little dog again.  So, I continually reread the outline you gave us and continue to try and reinforce all that you taught us. 

Cherie, you are a lovely young woman and if I could have a daughter (I have three sons) I would choose someone just like you, so please let your mom know I said this.  Again, our thanks for your help.  You have the patience of a saint, I knew when I wasn't focusing and you kept on repeating things to me in a kind manner.

Thank you for all your help.


Risa L. Sahr


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this recommendation to share with you the positive training experiences I have had with Cherie Marquez  and Smart Paws Dog Training.  My name is Pawel and I have a 18-month-old Lab named Freya.  Although home life was quiet and pleasant, she was still completely out of control while in contact with dogs or humans. Our active social life instituted many greetings in general and in all honesty, greetings were anticipated and dreaded. She was an out of control puppy with dog strength; dangerous for my wife, for Freya and for those who were around us during interactive times.

Freya  and I began training with Cherie in mid-July, 2013. By first lesson’s end, Cherie had addressed the pulling and out of control behavior. My confidence of continuing training and having immediate positive results hit an all time high. Since the Summer, Cherie has worked with us to accomplish much: Freya watches me, comes when called regardless of the environment (dogs, people, children), heel is near-perfect, sit and down stays are consistent, and within weeks Freya was off leash in the backyard with supervision. These results are Cherie’s training and influence. Cherie is always readily available. She returns calls and e-mails promptly with effective information I can put to immediate use. During sessions, Cherie addresses issues and concerns first, producing quick result, which allows us to cover new training as well. Cherie has helped me to understand Freya and the variety of testing she does so well. I have learned through Cherie to effectively address inappropriate behavior early so it does not become a habit. I am extremely pleased with Freya’s progress and although the problems of being well behaved in public were resolved many months ago, there is a wealth of knowledge Freya has yet to learn with Cherie. I highly recommend Cherie as a trainer whether you have specific issues to address or general training. I have immense pride when family, friends and strangers rave about Freya’s good behavior. I expect it, but they reinforce how well Cherie has brought Freya along.  The best part of training, it’s fun! Should you select Cherie as your trainer, I am confident your dog will produce similar results.


Pawel Jaskolski & Neli Pencheva 

Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 3:34 PM

Subject: Bella

Dear Cherie:

One very early morning you answered the phone call of a very exasperated puppy owner.  I had a 2 month old puppy that whined and

barked for three (days) from the time my husband and I adopted her.  You came over the same day I called you and immediately started

to problem solve her behavioral issue.  We eventually did the boot camp program and we are so grateful that we did. Bella no longer whines and barks from fear, anxiety or frustration and she is on her way to becoming a good "Canine Citizen" . No matter what behavioral problem we encounter with Bella, we always appreciate the fact that you are creative and thoughtful in your strategies and respectful of how we feel towards Bella's education. This in itself is invaluable to us. Bella is now 5 months old and as smart as a whip. She loves to be around you and that is the best endorsement any human can get!

Thanks for your continued support! 


Milda Serrano

July 9, 2010

3910 NW 49th St., Tamarac, Fl. 33309

Dear “Smart Paws:” 

Cherie has been a life-saver.  Thanks to them we now have our 10 month Bull Terrier under control.  Sure, he’s still a puppy, but he does everything we ask him and both of us and our other baby, MAYA (Java's big sister) are VERY thankful.  Because of “Smart Paws” we are now able to enjoy JAVA to the fullest.  Bullies are a handful, and without the help, the house would be mayhem. 

 I highly recommend the puppy boot-camp; this allowed JAVA to get introduced to the basics, which we would never have been able to do on our own time.  In addition, Cherie is always open to coming over for reinforcement lessons (more for us, the parents, than it is for JAVA). 

Bottom line, I would put my full trust in “Smart Paws” again, and definitely count on them for all of our dogs training and boarding needs.

Thanks again guys!  WOOF!

(JAVA and MAYA)& Victoria Perez

I have to say that Cherie is by far the best trainer for your dog. I have a little "terror" :) named Blaze, and let me tell you, had it not been for her he would not be the pup he is today. Not only is she people friendly with exceptional customer service skills but you know that when your dog is in her care, they are getting the best treatment and obedience any dog owner can ask for. Blaze still needs a lil work but he has come a long way and I know with the guidance of Cherie along with my help and consistency with practicing what they taught me he will def live up to his genes as a champion breed Yorkshire terrier.....:) thanks guys!

Client Krystal Mclean & Yorkie Terrier “Blaze


Dear Cherie,

Karlene, Kailey, Tripp and I wanted to write you and thank you for the incredibly positive results that you have had assisting us with training our dog Trixie. As you know when you met Trixie, she was very difficult to control and did not listen or obey us in any way.  In addition Trixie went pottie consistently in the house.  With your help our dog is now under control, well behaved, pottie trained and generally pleasant to be around. We want to THANK YOU very much for making our house a much more pleasant home with Trixie.


Ty, Karlene, Tripp and Kailey

The Whitney Family

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