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We do provide you with a comprehensive training program that utilizes the psychology of your dog to train him, or her, effectively and this takes time and consistency. Both you and your dog have work to do and things to learn. We want your training program to be fun and effective for your family and your dog.

Basic Obedience

6 weeks long: One of Smart Paws dog trainers will go out to your house once a week for 6 weeks. In the duration of the 6 weeks, we will write a personal feeding schedule that revolves around your schedule for the house breaking. We will work with you on correcting any problems that you might be having (play biting, jumping, digging, etc). Commands include: sit, stay, down, heel, bed or place, and most important COME!!!



Bootcamp Training Camp

For two weeks the dog stays at our training facility and gets trained 3 times per day, with plenty of distractions and socialization. At the end of the two weeks, we come out to your house for 5 weeks, one session per week, to train the owners on how the commands are given and what we have worked on with your dog. This includes housebreaking, problem solving. and commands are with hand signals:  sit, stay, down, heel, bed, stay for a prolonged period of time, and COME.  This is a lifetime obedience, as well.




Advanced Obedience

10 weeks long: Same as the basic, except for this program we incorporate hand signals, plenty of outdoor distractions, and the stay command is enforced for a prolonged period of time. This is lifetime obedience, meaning if you have any problems after the program is over, all you have to do is call us and we will come back fora refresher course (this also includes the housebreaking). 

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Daycare Training

We suggest you do daycare training for 3 weeks but you can choose to do it for 2 weeks.  You will need to drop the dog off at the facility, Monday – Friday, in between 7 – 9 am and pick up at 5:30 - 6.  We will cover whatever problems that you are having and teach the dog all of the commands.  We will send you home with written instructions and videos as well.   We can set up a training session when you pick up the dog.  This includes 2 lessons for you and your family.  The 2 classes will be done either at the facility or in home.

Dog behavior and handling workshops

Hello,  I have been a dog trainer for 18 years.  The reason I want to offer  a dog behavior workshop is to teach people about dog behavior, which includes body language, how to correctly introduce dogs, tools to use to stop a dog fight, the correct way to pet a dog, and health and nutrition. 

The staff of boarding, daycare facilities needs to be aware of what is going on with all the dogs, especially when working in a boarding facility and letting the dogs in or out of the kennels.  I have observed plenty of dog fights because the handlers are not paying attention to all the dogs and the dogs take advantage.  


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