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Founder & Master Trainer  - The Dog Mystic


Smart Paws trains dogs of all sizes and ages.  We solve problems and teach the commands!

Cherie  Marquez is the owner of Smart Paws.  Her dream has always been to work with animals and now she is living her dream.  She has been training dogs for 18 years.  Her love for the dogs shows within minutes while working with the dogs.
Smart Paws Dog Training is your one stop shop for dog training, energy healing for animals, and teaching expectant couples what to do with their dog or dogs to create a peaceful introduction with their new baby.  We will specialize in teaching all about dog behavior and training.  With 18 years of dog training experience, we promise that all dogs are trainable no matter what the age or issues you have.  You can teach an old dog new tricks.

Smart Paws Dog Training 's mission is to educate people to coexist with their dog in a non stressful environment.  There are so many people who get a dog without doing the research to see if the dog is a good fit for the family.  When they can’t control the dog, they give them up but that is where we come along to save the dog and keep the family together.
Let us train your dogs the Smart way. We Proudly Service Broward county but will travel to Dade and Southern Palm Beach.  Our methods of training are taught so the dog sees the family as part of their pack but they are not the alpha dog.  This method of training has created relationships with Vets, Rescues, and families and brought a sense of calmness to their lives.   
With the Smart way, you as a client have the assistance of our Lifetime Support, unlike any of its kind.  We have flexible payment plans and accept cash, check, or credit cards.  


Our wildlife conservation projects.

Over 18 years of experience!


A happy pet, makes a happy home!




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